The Conan (NetEnt) Video Slot: An Overview

Conan Video Slot has been one of the most anticipated games of 2019 ever since it was officially announced at the London iGaming conference. We think there’s solid justification for this. NetEnt has characterized the game as a character-driven branded slot, which is sure to pique players’ attention given the company’s recent success with blockbuster slots like Vikings and Narcos and the fact that Conan is a figure with a large cult following.  The fictitious hero Conan, known mostly from the fantasy adventure film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and released in 1982, was conceived by author Robert E. Howard in 1932.

The author’s setting is a harsh one, full with perils at every turn. The Conan time slot successfully evokes that post-apocalyptic feeling. The game is based on the fictional “Hyborian Age” of Conan the Barbarian and has a six-reel setup that is rare for NetEnt slots outside of the Cluster Reels series. Adding 3 rows and 24 paylines to it, along with a Pay-Both-Ways logic, the Conan slot comes with connected reels, three base game features and an extra Thoth Amon feature that can occur as a result of the base game features. Once you’ve triggered the free spins bonus, you may pick from three distinct modes, each with its own volatility. For as little as 0.20 or as much as €/$200 a spin, you can go wild with the world’s most terrifying barbarian across all devices.

In terms of presentation, Conan leaves little to be desired. It’s easy to understand why it took so long to finish the game; it looks extremely magnificent and has virtually unparalleled attention to detail. With thundering skies over a wintry village acting as the backdrop, the reels are set within an old temple where you’ll witness stone sculptures of Conan in various situations. While reels of snakes, lions, and falcons indicate lower-value coins, grappling hooks, swords, and helmets represent medium-value ones. Conan’s companion Valeria, his sworn enemy Thoth-Amon, and Conan himself all appear on the three premiums, with Conan himself being the most lucrative, awarding 6 times your investment for a five of a kind.

Veteran players will immediately recognize the completely revamped UI, which debuted in Arcane Reel Chaos and is one of the game’s most striking features. The paytable has also been updated so that symbol values are shown in relation to the current bet size rather than the misleading coin values that were included in the original version. This aligns perfectly with the recently implemented stricter laws, which put further pressure on casinos and developers to be more open and honest.

Video Slot, Conan (NetEnt) – Special Functions

Each of the three portions of the reel set in the Conan Video Slot, each 2×4 in size, is linked to a special feature that activates when the corresponding symbol appears on the segment it is related with. Here’s what’s on the table:

The blue tower wild on reels 1 and 2 can expand to encompass the entire reel if it occurs there.

The most exciting and potentially lucrative feature is the Mystery Symbols, which appear on reels 3/4. If you land mystery symbols on reels 3 and 4, they will convert into random matching symbols. The Mystery Multiplier function is activated if a full stack of the symbol appears. The multiplier will increase by 1x after each time you witness Conan deal damage to the enormous serpent. The lowest possible multiplier is 3x, while the highest possible is 7x. In addition, the Thoth Amon feature activates if the tower wild and the combat wild appear together with a mysterious sign. When triggered, an additional 3–6 mystery symbols are added to reels 2–5 at random, increasing the potential payouts.

Battle Wilds (reels 5/6) – If a red battle wild occurs on reels 5 and 6, it will spread to neighboring reels up to three positions sideways.

The Conan slot has elements of the Twin Spin game as well. The Linked Reels feature can become active at any time during the main game by lighting up the reel pairs in each of the 2×4 sections. You’ll have a better shot at getting winning combos when the 2 reels spin up identical configurations of symbols. This function can create up to six connected reels during the free games.

Finally, there is a Free Spins bonus round where 10, 15, 25, or 50 free games are awarded for landing 3, 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Before you get began, you will be asked to chose which of the three modes you would want to play. Here are some of them:

Tower wilds can occur on any reel in City of Thieves’s free spins round, expanding to span the whole reel they land on. This game has a medium level of volatility.

This third choice, free spins in the Temple of the Serpent, is the riskiest. Here, all reels are potentially filled with mysterious symbols, even stacks. A complete stack of the mystery symbol, much like in the main game, will activate the mystery multiplier, awarding a multiplier of up to 7x. The Thoth Amon bonus is activated by getting 5 to 9 mysterious symbols in a row.

In the Walls of Tarantia free spins bonus, which has a medium level of volatility, battle wilds can emerge on any reel and extend by up to three places in either direction during the feature.

Conclusion on the NetEnt Slot Machine, “Conan”

Though Conan certainly looks massive and magnificent, we can’t help but believe that NetEnt has over-complicated things here. The developers wanted Conan to fill a huge space, but in the process, the game became a chaotic tangle that pulled in every direction but the player’s. Despite their prevalence, the features fail to provide meaningful payouts, rendering them useless. One of the game’s major flaws is that the rewards aren’t good enough to make playing it worth your while.

You could come up even or even ahead, but more likely, you’ll watch your money go as one pointless feature after another takes up screen time. Since a sizable portion of the RTP must be divided across all the features, the frequency with which bonuses appear is fairly low. The maximum win in the regular game and the Mystery Symbol free spins feature is only 2016x, which isn’t that spectacular. After spending almost five hours at the slot machine, it’s remarkable to observe how little can happen despite the abundance of options. If your notion of being entertained is to having your scalp pulled off slowly by Conan, then you won’t be disappointed.

We recommend the Ozzy Osbourne video slot if you enjoy NetEnt’s branded blockbuster slots.

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